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The word Expeller actually means to “Extract” or to “pull out” the hidden ingredient which is required. Mitsun’s Oil Expeller is manufactured up to the finest precision to “expel” the oil from seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Mitsun’s has been in this field for more than 10 years and have installed more than 1000 oil expellers. Mitsun’s Oil expellers are indigenously manufactured for each oil expeller industry. The technically qualified and a fleet of experienced team identifies Mitsun’s Oil Expellers as the best in today’s times. Mitsun’s oil expellers are available in multiple configuration. Mitsun’s Oil expellers are available with single as well as double chambers as per the client’s requirement. The most important feature of Mitsun’s Oil Expeller is that these machines are highly efficient with minimum operating costs and best results for any oil producing industry.

Mitsun Oil Expellers are available in various capacities depending on the need of the end-user.

What is Mitsun’s Oil Expeller ?

To extract oil we need to press or squeeze the raw material at a high pressure in one single stroke. Mitsun’s Oil Expeller works on a mechanical process where the raw material is continuously fed in to the chamber through a conveyor and once the raw material like ground nut, nuts, seeds etc. reaches the chamber it is squeezed with high pressure. Some hard raw materials require high pressure and high temperature approx. 50 deg. Cent.

This expeller is a big screw type machine which presses the raw material through a barrel which has small holes from which the oil drops but does not allow the solid waste of the raw material to drop. The raw material which is left in the chamber is pressed to form a hard cake which is then removed from the machine automatically at regular intervals. The pressure generated creates heat to the range of 65 deg cent to 95 deg cent. An optional cooling apparatus can be attached to reduce this temperature to protect certain properties for some special kind of oils.

Mitsun manufactures oil expellers which are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Mitsun’s oil expellers are available in various capacities which are mini oil expeller, medium oil expeller, large oil expeller and super large oil expeller depending on the capacity and the need of the raw material and the manufacturer.
Oil Expellers are manufactured with consideration of:
All bodies, gear boxes and bearing housings are made of high grade cast iron and cast steel,
  • Two chamber design - pre pressing & full pressing in single stage crushing for better oil recovery & profitable operation
  • Heavy duty cylindrical roller, thrust, taper roller and ball bearing are used.
  • All the parts have male and female seating to get the perfect alignment.
  • All shaftings are made from EN Alloy steel which means no wear and tear, no twisting.
  • High yield at low cost.
  • Easy smooth operation with less power consumption compared to other expellers.
  • Steam jacket is made from tested quality plates to uphold the steams and is provided with
  • Long and horizontal types.
  • All gears are manufactured from carbon steel and are hardened to the require degree.
  • They Machined to fine tolerances for proper meshing of the gears.
  • Easy replacement of spare parts.
  • Best desirable results in cake & smell.
  • Available in various sizes for various needs.
  • Technologically advanced infrastructure.
Oil Expeller
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